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The beginning of the Story the "Zymosan"

As we know, nowadays life is frantic, and for this reason we often suffer lots of  fisical and  mental stresses.  

We often do not care for foods, and we eat always in a hurry. So our alimentation  become very poor, even regarding some important nutrient factors our body daily need. This fact has also a negative influence on our psico-fisical performaces. 

Ambiental pollution, active and passive smoke we breath and  less hours sleeping than we need, lower and weak ourself  body's immune defence  system response so that   attac of virus, bacteria, and neoplastic invaders are free to act.

What is Beta Glucan

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Beta Glucan as integrator for feeding as a valid alternative for enhancing natural defences.

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In the past years many authoritative researchers' experimentations have been reported in medical - scientific literature as we have reported in Bibliography. Beta Glucan  stimulate natural defences of body's immune system.
Beta Glucan strenghten human body health against illness and feel you good. Also animals can benefit of it especially pigs, poultry, chickens, fishes, cats, etc.


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 Major research areas were:

Activation of phagocytosis,
-Resistance to infection
-Influence of cholesterol synthesis
-Survival after irradiation